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بمناهج دوليه أشهر الدبلومات التخصصيه الحديث للتأهيل للعمل في خطوط الطيران وشركات السياحه
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1-دبلومة حجز الطيران

Airline Ticketing and Reservation IATA/UFTAA Amadeus GDS
للحصول علي فرص عمل في شركات السياحه وخطوط الطيران والفنادق للعمل بأشهر انظمه الحجز العالميه دون التقيد بالمؤهل الدراسي لتتيح لك فرص العمل في اكثر من 86 دوله عربيه واجنبيه لكونه نظام عالمي .

Training Programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in many sectors of the travel and aviation industry.
This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Amadeus system. It is perfect for a beginner as it gives you 30 hours of training time.
This course includes: Flight Reservations, Automated Fares & Ticketing
... What You Will Cover
Lesson 1 - Introduction, signing in and out, encode and decode
Lesson 2 - Displaying a PNR
Lesson 3 - Timetables, availability, access types
Lesson 4 - Return availability, availability change entries
Lesson 5 - Building a PNR
Lesson 6 - Practice building a PNR
Lesson 7 - Mailing address, billing address, e-mail, frequent flyer
Lesson 8 - General remark, OSI elements, SSR elements
Lesson 9 - Canceling and changing PNR elements
Lesson 10 - Advance seating request
Lesson 11 - Seat maps and booking specific seats
Lesson 12 - Fare displays
Lesson 13 - Pricing itineraries
Lesson 14 - Issuing tickets
Lesson 15 - Queues
Lesson 16 - Queue Tasks
Lesson 17 - Calculator and currency functions, minimum connect times
Lesson 18 - Help system and AIS
Lesson 19- Timatic
Who Should Attend
-Airline fares desk agents
-Travel agents
-Airline ticket agents
-Call Center Agent
Minimum Training Requirement
For new customers, all consultants who will be using Amadeus should attend a Conversion or Introduction course prior to the agency's cutover date. Successful completion of one of these courses will allow access to the Amadeus Central System and to the Amadeus Customer Support Centre (CSC).
functions must also attend the Fares and Ticketing Course prior to cutover
Duration: To learn we are with you
Language: English/Arabic
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